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March 11, 2007

Unlikely snowbirds

Electric lights, shuffleboard, good eats and visiting to your heart's content.

And:  no messing around with buggies.

It really is a blast down in Pinecraft, especially if you're Amish.

A neat article, just out in the Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette, on Florida's 'Tricycle Amish' , shows the lighter side of the Amish people.

You can just tell by all the wisecracking and excitement in this piece that the Amish who go really love it down south. 


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My Old Order Amish Grandpa, among other things, roller blades in Pinecraft when he's there for the winter... I'm still waiting to see it myself!

I thought that Amish were a simple people , stearing clear of modernd day accessories such as Cell phone. I visited the YODERS market in sarasota FLorida, when , and I remind you in full *amish* dress, two young Amish (or mayhaps Mennanintes>) girls came into the farmers market, dorning Blackberry Cell phones. It seemed quite contradictory to me, and a bit hypocritical to all of the stories and reading I had previously encountered. Are there *rules* of social behaviors that have changed with the times? Just curious. It was like a step back in time , untl the cell phoned teenagers arrived.

Good questions Mishel, for further background you might enjoy reading some posts under the 'The Amish and technology' category found on the left side of the blog, also the 'Rumspringa' category.

I am looking for a well built or a Amish builder to build a classic style Amish shed/chicken coop. The size will be 8x10 and there are many examples on the Lancaster Amish website of this coop.

If you are familiar with these buildings and are very much a perfectionist, like the Amish are up north, please call or write to me. I need this built today or sooner, but that's unlikely, but definately built by Amish workers, no matter when it gets built. Thanks, Ron

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