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February 21, 2007

The Amish and drugs, continued

The Amish and drugs--it's another one of those things that grab our attention because it seems so odd, so out-of-place.  Recall the media reaction to two young Amish men busted for dealing coke among Lancaster Amish gangs in 1998. 

But following up yesterday's post, it's worth remembering that 'heavy',  as the Lagrange meth problem was described, may be relative. 

Meth has clearly been a big problem in places like Oregon, where over 50% of children in orphanages are there because their parents are meth addicts, or in inner-city Sydney


Meth users in the US.  Darkness indicates severity.  Find an interactive version of this map at pbs/frontline.

When 'real world' ails hit the Amish, a little can seem like a lot.  In this case, 'heavy' may mean a handful of cases. 

But that's speculation.   It's based on the idea that what we consider mild, often strikes the Amish as over-the-top--i.e. knee-length skirts, Seinfeld, lyrics to pop songs.

Anyone with further insight on drugs within the Amish, your comments are invited.


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