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January 20, 2008

New Wilmington Wash Day



Monday is wash day in this settlement, and it's just about all blue, or shades thereof.  Photos from late September of '07.



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Nothing better than clothes dried on the line!

I love seeing pictures like this. There is a calmness in it. :)
I agree with Michelle...line dried clothes are wonderful...and saves money :)

~ Dawn (who's been secretly reading this blog for, oh I don't know, many many months now) :)

When I go riding or driving past a place that has wash out on the line, I take a look to see if it's an Amish place. Often it is. It has been wash on the line that has called my attention to the existence of some Amish farmsteads that otherwise don't look overtly Amish.

Dawn, welcome and glad you have been secretly reading (:

I think drying outside must be better. In Poland many people hang clothes inside apartments in the winter---very cramped, and they lack the straight from the dryer softness.

It's nice to see photos with sunshine and flowers blooming. :)
I was in the Smicksburg area last week. It was between 20 and 25 degrees with snow flurries but I saw laundry hanging out. You'd think the clothes would freeze on the line?

You would think so! Could be that space-age polymer freeze-resistant fabric that all the Amish are using nowadays. Just kidding of course. But I thought the basement was the winter drying area of choice.

Le meilleur linge est celui qui sèche à l'air libre. Pas besoin de séchoir électrique, nous avons le soleil et le vent gratuitement à notre disposition !
The best for the clothes it's driying outside.

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