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January 21, 2010

Wintry weather in southern Indiana

Amish farm snow
Orange County, Indiana Amish farm photo courtesy of Cindy Seigle.

January 19, 2010

Lancaster long ago?

Lancaster farm old styleNot really, but on picnik.com, a nice user-friendly site that allows you to edit photos, I came up with this old-timey rendition of a shot I took last year of a Lancaster County farm.  I kind of like it.  Or, maybe I don't.  Still trying to decide. 

I usually don't like to spend a lot of time touching up photos, but there are some pretty neat effects on the site, and I was in a bit of a non-writing mood today...
More words to come tomorrow (and actually, we'll have a guest post from a Lancaster local, so maybe this shot is an appropriate preview after all).

January 18, 2010

Blue Monday..?

Amish barefoot boy
Apparently this is the "most depressive day of the year", due to bad weather and Christmas debt and a whole host of other reasons researchers tell us we should be feeling lousy today.

For what it's worth, I think this little guy has the right idea.  How many more days til bare feet are back again? (fewer for many Amish than for me, in any case)  

Thanks to reader Roni for the photo.

January 09, 2010

Sleds waiting for recess

New Wilmington Amish school

Rick shares another snowy scene from New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

October 16, 2009

A Joyful Chaos former Amish blog

Joyful chaos

A Joyful Chaos is a blog written by a formerly Amish mother of three.  This is her photo above, which she has shared on her blog, along with some other family photos from her time as a part of the Somerset County, Pennsylvania Amish community. 

The author discusses the Amish approach to photography and growing up Amish, among other things.  Back in July, she commented on Amish America that "I have met very few Amish that don't enjoy seeing a picture of themselves in a newspaper or elsewhere. When asked permission most will deny but secretly hope there will be some poached pictures. Communities do vary in this aspect."

I recommend having a look at this interesting, unusual blog, which I've added to the blogroll.  

More on the Amish and photos can be found here, here, and here

October 14, 2009

Southern Lancaster County

Southern Lancaster County

Contest results soon!

September 02, 2009

Happenings which happened last week in Lancaster

Amish tobacco Just back from Lancaster County.  Has been a whirlwind of finishing the final manuscript (submitted), looking ahead to finish the Polish-language Amish book (nearly done), and another top-secret project or two.  But in between running around the County a few interesting happenings happened. 

I dragged my father up this time, for an intense week in Amish Boot Camp.  When you are accustomed to the accoutrements of modern living, getting plopped into an Amish farmhouse for an extended period can be a shock.  But pop held up well, painting a bathroom, picking a tomato or two, and wolfing whatever grub he could seize.  Abe's family entertained us, with the girls singing a few school songs, complete with sign-language accompaniments (Lancaster kids get some sign language in school).  Dad, impressed by the choir, asked how in the world they could remember such long songs?  "We have young minds," replied Abe's sister, matter-of-factly.

As penance for past transgressions, resolved not to 'poach' any photos this time around, though dad got a few--but with all permission forms and waivers signed in this case, to keep us out of Amish court.  Tobacco season is heating up, and these are a couple of shots of some friends in the field.  The mules granted permission as well. 

Lancaster Amish tobacco mules

Normally, waste tomatoes go to the chickens and pigs.  But sometimes they're used for more devious purposes.  Like the minor skirmish which erupted on a certain Lancaster farm this past weekend.  Abe's brother and a few of his workers took aim at yours truly, pop, and Abe in a daring sneak attack.  Caught in the crossfire of an unexpected Amish Tomato Battle, we feebly returned fire, using unexploded 'shells' from our attackers.  But finding ourselves pinned down between the front porch and the fresh-hung laundry, father and I were forced to revert to the only defense we had left. 

"We're pacifists," we protested to our Amish assailants. 

That seemed to do the trick.

August 14, 2009

Lancaster visit; Ohio Nebraska Amish


Just checking in having returned from Poland--feet planted firmly in the good old USA and enjoying the wonders of nacho cheese and air conditioning once again.  Other than that, am finishing up the final draft of the Amish business book among other things, which I'm afraid has made for slim pickings on the blog lately.  After that is squared away am looking forward to some (more regular) posting. 

And looking forward to a trip next week to Lancaster County.  More posts to come then.

In the meantime, another blurry photo I've attempted to salvage--this of a Nebraska Amish community located in Northeastern Ohio.

July 19, 2009

Filming the Amish


People often wonder about the Amish and photography.  Documentarian and film & media professor Dirk Eitzen has an interesting chapter on filming the Amish in the exceptional Amish and the Media

Eitzen describes three methods used by those wishing to visually document the Amish:  pushiness, poaching, and focusing on children and young adults. 

I suppose if I had to confess, I would qualify as a poacher.  Eitzen states that this is "an approach the Amish prefer, and, at least to some degree, accommodate."

The above is a photo I 'poached' in February of this year in Lancaster County.  The original came out a bit blurry so I decided to try to salvage it somehow.  I'm not sure if I succeeded.  Effects courtesy of picnik.com.

I highly recommend watching the two short excerpts of Eitzen's film The Amish and Us at the link above.  They are both amusing and revealing.  The film itself, as The Amish and the Media co-editor David Weaver-Zercher describes it, is in fact "more about "us" than it is about the Amish."  

July 09, 2009

Amish Car Trouble

Amish car trouble

Check out Faux Farm Girl's story behind this 'Amish Version of Car Trouble'.

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